Best Free AI Art Maker: The realm of art and imagination has been transformed by the rise of AI art creators. These innovative tools enable individuals to produce visual masterpieces. With the growing popularity of AI art numerous accessible platforms have emerged, granting the access, to high caliber art generation.

In this article we will delve into the 15 AI art generators that are gaining popularity in 2023 without any cost. Whether you are an artist or simply interested, in exploring the realm of AI art these incredible and user friendly tools will expand the horizons of your creativity. So lets get started and discover these platforms!

1. Wombo

Wombo stands out as a favored AI art generator that you can access for free. Its user friendly interface ensures that even beginners can dive into the art making process without any hassle. Wombo provides a selection of styles ranging from photorealistic representations, to abstract masterpieces. Moreover the artworks created can be instantly shared on social media platforms allowing you to proudly exhibit your AI generated skills.

2. Nightcafe Creator

Nightcafe Creator utilizes intelligence to convert text prompts into stunning visual artwork. With this tool you have the ability to generate a range of pieces, including landscapes, portraits, abstract patterns and textures. Nightcafe provides both an option and a premium version, with advanced features.

3. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator, as the name implies utilizes learning techniques to generate captivating and ethereal compositions. By uploading an image you can witness the transformation, as the AI crafts a stunning piece with a hallucinatory touch. Deep Dream stands out as one of the user AI tools, for creating surreal and psychedelic artwork and its completely free to use.

4. StarryAI

StarryAI is able to create artwork in various styles based on a basic text prompt. You can freely generate, share and even sell your AI generated artwork. However keep in mind that StarryAI adds its branding to the images, as a small condition.

5. Artbreeder

With Artbreeder you have the ability to blend two existing images and create captivating new visuals. This remarkable tool, for AI generated art gives birth to one of a kind masterpieces that will exceed your imagination. Unleash your creativity by refining and transforming images into sensational artistic expressions.

6. GAN Lab

You can use Anthropics GAN Lab to create images with the help of AI. It even allows you to make edits to elements. While the free version may have some limitations it provides a user platform, for exploring AI generated art.

7. Lexica

Lexica is a tool that transforms text captions into stunning artistic images. Its output is of resolution and features a unique abstract graphical style. By adjusting the text prompts you can effortlessly create numerous artistic variations.

8. Disco Diffusion

Disco Diffusion as the name suggests specializes in producing vintage inspired AI artwork. Through the online platform users can effortlessly generate, refine and acquire one of a kind AI masterpieces. Disco Diffusion is particularly suitable for crafting abstract artistic creations, with a groovy touch.

9. Dall-E Mini

Dall E Mini allows you to create charming artwork using AI. Just input a description. Witness how the bot crafts a delightful and whimsical representation. Dall E Mini is perfect for enjoying some lighthearted entertainment, with AI generated art.

10. Deep AI

Deep AI provides a variety of AI models that can generate a range of creations based on text prompts. With the version you can generate up to 5 creations per day making it a user friendly and flexible platform, for AI art.

11. Clipdrop

Clipdrop offers an approach to AI driven art generation. With this platform you can effortlessly enhance your photos by adding AI generated elements such, as people, objects, textures and more. It’s a tool that simplifies the process of enriching your existing images using the power of AI.

12. Ostagram

Ostagram employs neural style transfer techniques to convert your selfies into stunning AI renditions reminiscent of renowned painters. The complimentary edition offers an array of artists to select from allowing you to infuse your photographs with a captivating artistic touch. It provides an avenue to add a creative flair to your pictures.

13. GenCraft

GenCraft has developed a tool that allows users to effortlessly create beautiful visual artworks by simply describing their desired outcome in a text prompt. By utilizing the power of networks and deep learning GenCrafts AI art generator can accurately interpret these text descriptions and produce incredibly detailed and lifelike images.

14. Midjourney

Midjourney creates AI generated artwork that spans various subjects and styles. The resulting images possess a handcrafted feel rather than appearing machine generated. While access may be restricted the quality of the artwork is truly exceptional.

15. Craiyon

Formerly called DALL E Mini, Craiyon is an AI powered software that produces artwork based on written descriptions. The illustrations have an doodle like appearance. Craiyon focuses more on providing entertainment than being considered serious art but it certainly brings joy and amusement to its users. It’s an experience to engage with Craiyon and explore its creative possibilities.


There you have it. 15 amazing AI art tools that you can use completely free of charge! With these user platforms anyone can tap into their artistic side regardless of their level of expertise. Whether you’re interested in crafting masterpieces, abstract and mesmerizing landscapes or simply having some fun with AI art these platforms offer limitless creative possibilities.

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