Contact Form 7 Vs Formidable Forms: Which is the Best?

Contact Form 7 vs Formidable Forms – Which is the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin for 2023?

Choosing the right contact form plugin is crucial for maximizing conversions and engagement on WordPress sites.

The two most popular and capable options are Contact Form 7 (CF7) and Formidable Forms. But which comes out on top?

As an experienced WordPress developer who has built sites using both plugins extensively, I will compare CF7 vs Formidable Forms across key factors like:

  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Styling customization
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Anti-spam protections
  • Payment integrations
  • Support and documentation
  • Pricing and value

By evaluating the pros and cons of each plugin, you can determine which is the best WordPress contact form option for your needs in 2023.

Let’s dive in and break down how Contact Form 7 and Formidable stack up head-to-head!

Ease of Use

Contact Form 7 uses a shortcode-based syntax that resembles HTML for defining forms. This affords great flexibility for developers but has a learning curve.

Formidable Forms uses an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder making form creation easy and fast with minimal technical skills needed.

Winner: Formidable Forms provides the easier management interface for non-developers.


Contact Form 7 offers a basic feature set focused solely on building functional contact forms without bells and whistles. Extensions provide advanced capabilities.

Formidable Forms comes packed with tons of out-of-the-box features like multi-page forms, payment integrations, front-end editing, and conditional logic.

Winner: Formidable Forms thanks to far more robust features built-in without needing to bolt on extensions.

Customization and Styling

Contact Form 7’s raw HTML structure offers maximum layout flexibility through CSS but requires developer skills.

Formidable Forms uses templates and themes for styling customization through its easy drag-and-drop interface without code.

Winner: Tie – CF7 for coding customization vs Formidable for visual layouts. Comes down to technical skill.

Email Marketing Integrations

Contact Form 7 can connect to SMTP providers but lacks deep integrations with top email marketing platforms.

Formidable Forms includes out-of-the-box integrations with major ESPs like MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact etc.

Winner: Formidable Forms with its seamless built-in integrations.

Spam Protection

Contact Form 7 has reCAPTCHA integration and other basic protections but lacks advanced anti-spam.

Formidable Forms also includes reCAPTCHA but layers on other protections like honeypots and allowing/denying specific IPs.

Winner: Formidable Forms with more robust anti-spam defenses.

Payment Integrations

Contact Form 7 requires addon plugins for collecting payments. Support is limited.

Formidable Forms natively integrates top payment solutions like Stripe, PayPal, and

Winner: Formidable Forms thanks to baked-in support for leading payment systems.

Support and Documentation

Contact Form 7 offers minimal official support with the community filling knowledge gaps through forums and guides. Documentation is developer focused.

Formidable Forms provides dedicated live chat support along with exhaustive documentation catering to both beginners and experts.

Winner: Formidable Forms with superior official training materials and live customer support.

Pricing and Value

Contact Form 7 has an upfront cost of free as an open source plugin but requires buying addons for additional capabilities.

Formidable Forms free version is limited but reasonably priced Pro licenses provide excellent value unlocking robust features.

Winner: Formidable Forms delivers better capabilities per dollar spent on paid tiers.

Final Verdict

Formidable Forms wins this matchup with a decisive 6-2 advantage (with 2 ties).

The superior ease of use, broader feature set, smoother integrations with leading third party platforms, top notch documentation, and excellent value make Formidable our pick for best WordPress contact form plugin.

The only advantages of Contact Form 7 are lower initial cost and potentially greater layout flexibility for developers.

But Formidable’s far more intuitive interface plus inclusion of premium features like payment integrations make it the WordPress contact form plugin we recommend in 2023.

Give Formidable Forms a try on your next WordPress project! The power and versatility will help you convert more passive visitors into engaged leads.

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