Cost of a Web Developer In 2024 – The Cost will Shock You

Cost of a Web Developer – You know you need a custom website or web app built for your business. But sticker shock sets in as soon as you start researching rates.

How much should you budget to hire a qualified web developer? $50 an hour? $150? Or way more?

With so many factors impacting cost, it’s nearly impossible to pin down an accurate figure. But I’m going to break it down in this extensively researched article so you know what to expect.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • The key factors that influence web development costs
  • Average hourly rates by location
  • When it pays to hire a web dev agency vs freelancer
  • Complex projects that cost substantially more
  • “Extras” that add to your total bill
  • Hidden fees developers may sneak in
  • Tips for getting the best value within your budget

Let’s dive in!

Key Factors That Determine Web Developer Rates

Several core factors impact how much you’ll pay for web development services. The main ones are:

Developer Location

Web dev rates vary widely based on where the programmer is located. For example, developers in expensive tech hubs like Silicon Valley charge more than ones in smaller towns.

According to PayScale data, the average web developer salary in a major US city is $75,297 per year, compared to $62,922 in a smaller metro area.

Type of Web Developer

Are you hiring a solo freelancer, boutique dev shop, or large digital agency? Generally, bigger firms with more overhead costs will be more expensive.

But some freelancers still charge high rates if they have in-demand skills and years of experience.

Project Scope and Complexity

Building a simple 5-page website costs a lot less than a complex e-commerce platform or custom web app. The more features you need, the more it costs.

Vanilla WordPress sites are cheaper than advanced custom programming too.

Quality and Scalability Needs

A basic “good enough” website costs less upfront than one built for speed, security, and scalability. But may cost more long-term.

Now let’s look at…

Average Web Developer Rates by Location

Web developer prices vary substantially based on where they’re located. Let’s look at typical rates in different cities and countries.

United States

In the US, most freelance web developers charge $50-$150 per hour:

  • Entry-level developers: $50-$75 per hour
  • Mid-level developers: $75-$125 per hour
  • Expert/specialized developers: $125-$150+ per hour

At a mid-size web dev agency, you’ll usually pay $100-$175 per hour. Boutique firms charge $150-$250 per hour, while large agencies can be $250+ per hour.

But what’s the total cost for an entire project?

For a simple informational website, expect to invest $5,000 to $20,000 or more. A basic content management system like WordPress often starts around $10,000.

A custom-programmed web app with a database backend can easily cost $50,000 to $150,000+. E-commerce platforms fall somewhere in between.

Now let’s look at average rates in major US cities:

Silicon Valley

Freelancers here charge $125-$200 per hour typically. At an agency, expect to pay $175-$350 per hour.

New York City

NYC freelance developers charge around $100-$175 per hour. Web dev agencies range from $150-$300 per hour.

Los Angeles

In LA, freelancer rates span $100-$150 per hour normally. Agencies charge between $150-$275 per hour.

Austin, TX

In this growing tech hub, freelancers charge $100-$175 per hour. Agencies range from $125-$250 per hour.

Atlanta, GA

Freelance developers bill $75-$150 per hour in Atlanta. Agency rates are $125-$225 per hour.

Clearly, geography significantly impacts pricing. But web developers in North America aren’t your only option…


Outsourcing development to India can save substantially on costs with rates around ₹2000-₹7500 per hour. Just factor in more overhead for communication and coordination.

Eastern Europe

In countries like Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus, developer rates are often a bargain at €30-€100 per hour. But their skills are top-notch.

South America

In countries like Columbia and Argentina, hourly developer rates are very affordable at around $25-$50 USD per hour for freelancers and $50-$150 per hour for agencies.

As you can see, the US and Western Europe are among the priciest locations for web development. But you can save 50% or more by going offshore.

Now let’s look at…

Freelancers vs Web Development Agencies

Should you hire a solo programmer or established dev agency for your project? Here are the tradeoffs:



  • Lower hourly rates
  • Faster project turnaround
  • More customizable and flexible
  • Direct communication with the programmer


  • Limited expertise for complex projects
  • You manage more of the process
  • No support staff for issues

Average Cost: $50-$175 per hour

Freelancers offer affordability but may lack skills for larger projects.

Web Agencies


  • Broader range of technical expertise
  • Project managers handle coordination
  • Specialized support staff
  • Offer maintenance and marketing


  • Higher minimum fees
  • Less flexible with customization
  • Communication goes through account rep

Average Cost: $125-$300+ per hour

Agencies provide well-rounded services but lack personal touch and affordability of freelancers.

My advice? For simpler websites, experienced freelancers deliver great value. But for complex web apps and systems, agencies may be worth the premium.

Website Features That Increase Cost

Not all website projects require the same level of work. More complex functionality means more development time and higher cost.

E-Commerce Platforms

Custom online stores with product listings, shopping carts, and credit card processing start at $15,000+ for experienced developers. Enterprise-level builds can cost $100k+.

Web Applications

Apps with logins, dashboards, database integration, advanced logic/calculations, and special algorithms require sophisticated programming skills and extensive time. Budget $50k-$250k+.

Custom Functionality

Unique site interactions like hotspot images, mini-games, live data integrations, and multimedia require advanced custom coding for potentially 100%+ markup versus out-of-the-box solutions.

API Integrations

Connecting with third-party applications and services via custom APIs adds significant development complexity. Add 25-50% for API builds.

Advanced CMS

Highly customized content management systems beyond basic WordPress templates demand specialized programmers. Add 25-50% versus vanilla builds.

Microservices Architecture

A microservices approach with separate coupled systems offers more flexibility but adds design, integration, and testing complexity. Expect to pay 50%+ more for development.

The functionality needed directly impacts the cost and skills required. Plan your budget accordingly!

Now here are…

Additional Services That Increase Your Bill

Beyond core programming, many agencies offer extra services that tack on more fees:

Branding and Graphic Design

Logos, color palettes, fonts, illustrations, UI design, and other visual assets can cost $5k-$15k+.

Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click ads (PPC), email, and social media marketing services range from $1,000-$5,000 per month.

Content Creation

If your developer writes blog posts, product descriptions, and web copy for you, expect to pay around $50-$150 per page.

Site Testing

Comprehensive testing for bugs, errors, broken links, compliance, and site speed often adds $1,000-$5,000+ to development costs.

Launch Marketing

Press releases, influencer promotions, and other launch marketing services typically cost $5,000-$15,000+ depending on scale.

Software Licenses

Make sure the cost of any required software licenses and subscriptions is included in the project budget. These can sometimes be overlooked.

Carefully evaluate any extra services proposed to avoid inflating your budget.

Now here are…

Hidden Fees Developers May Sneak In

Some developers bury hidden charges that ambush you when the bills come. Watch out for:

Rush Delivery Fees

Need your site done ASAP? Rush projects often come with a 25% or higher premium.

Extensive QA Testing Charges

Bug fixing should be free for issues caused by poor initial coding. Don’t get overcharged for sloppy work.

Hidden Hosting/License Costs

Make sure ongoing site hosting and software subscription fees are spelled out upfront.

Scope Creep Upcharges

Some devs charge premium rates for additional work outside the initial agreement. Get any extras approved in writing first.

Cross-Charging for Non-Developers

Don’t get billed at inflated developer rates for project managers’ or designers’ time.


Beware getting nickeled-and-dimed for minor tweaks and changes after launching. Push for an allowance.

Read any contract carefully and clarify exactly what’s included before signing.

Tips for Maximizing Value Within Your Budget

Here are my top tips for getting the most bang from your programming buck:

Detail Your Specs

Carefully plan features, pages, integrations, and data flows needed upfront. Don’t let scope balloon uncontrolled.

Get Multiple Bids

Compare project estimates from both freelancers and agencies. Ask for hourly or fixed cost quotes.

Seek Referrals

Friends and colleagues who have built sites before are great sources for developer referrals.

Prototype First

Start with an MVP version focused on core features only. Then enhance gradually.

Use Stock Media

Rather than custom photography/video, utilize affordable stock imagery to conserve budget.

Incentivize Efficiency

Offer bonuses for completing milestones ahead of schedule/under budget.

Leverage Code Libraries

Use pre-built code modules for common functions like calculators or calendars versus building from scratch.

Outsource Commodity Work

Offload basic backend work to affordable overseas developers so your core team can focus on high-value tasks.

Get Ongoing Maintenance

Negotiate discounted long-term support and hosting in exchange for a large upfront contract.

Follow these tips and you can make the most of your web development investment, even on a tight budget.

The Bottom Line on Web Developer Costs

So what’s the final total you should you budget? The price depends on:

  • Your project’s complexity
  • Features and functionality needed
  • Your location
  • Freelancer vs agency rates
  • Any extra services

With hourly rates spanning $50 for entry-level coders up to $350+ for elite firms, costs clearly scale up quickly.

My advice is to get multiple proposals, negotiate reasonable rates for deliverables, and focus value over rock-bottom pricing.

Hiring experienced, quality talent who understand your business pays off in the long run, even if they charge more upfront.

The cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best. Find developers ready to turn your digital vision into reality at a fair price!

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