Top 10 Google Web Designer Alternative in 2024

Google Web Designer Alternative: Once a popular free website creation tool, Google retired their Web Designer product in 2020. This leaves many users seeking capable alternative platforms.

Luckily, today’s market offers more powerful, full-featured options to easily build professional quality websites.

As a digital agency that has leveraged many website builders over the past decade, we have curated this list of the top 10 best Google Web Designer alternatives based on:

  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Quality templates and customization capabilities
  • Built-in SEO and marketing features
  • eCommerce functionality
  • Pricing and value offered
  • Positive customer reviews and reception

Any of these recommended Google Web Designer replacement platforms will allow you to create stunning, modern websites to impress visitors.

Let’s check out the contenders for best Google Web Designer alternative!

1. Wix

Our favorite alternative is Wix thanks to:

  • Extremely intuitive drag and drop site builder
  • 500+ designer made templates
  • Built-in image and video galleries
  • Blogging and contact forms
  • SEO tools and site analytics
  • Scalable pricing tiers including free plan

We love Wix for letting anyone easily build beautiful, functional websites without needing to code.

2. Weebly

Another user-friendly solution, Weebly offers:

  • Arguably the most intuitive site builder
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • Lots of polished templates across niches
  • Easy built-in blogging capabilities
  • Effective SEO tools like sitemaps and metadata
  • Affordable pricing starting at free

Weebly allows quickly launching stylish sites through sheer simplicity and convenience.

3. Squarespace

The sophisticated platform Squarespace provides:

  • Award winning modern templates
  • Powerful commerce capabilities and Scheduling tools
  • Built-in SEO and social sharing optimization
  • Integrated email marketing and analytics
  • Apple Pay and Stripe checkout options
  • Free trial and student discounts available

For creatives needing beautiful presentation with business features, Squarespace delivers a polished experience.

4. Webflow

Webflow stands out through:

  • Visual design-focused workflows
  • Animated page transitions and interactions
  • CMS for managing dynamic content
  • Built-in CMS and eCommerce capabilities
  • Collaborative design via teams and workflows
  • Free starter tier available

Webflow lets you build production-ready sites through intuitive visual tools and robust CMS features.

5. Gator

The developer-friendly Gator offers:

  • Custom React components for advanced customization
  • Jamstack architecture with Git support
  • Deploys to a global CDN for speed
  • Custom CMS integrations compatible
  • Evergreen page builder updates
  • 14 day free trial

For developers needing advanced customization power, Gator is a leading Jamstack website builder.

6. Carrd

Carrd wins for simplicity and affordability through:

  • Incredibly easy one page site creation
  • Minimal, stylish templates optimized for speed
  • Built-in forms, analytics, and SEO
  • Drag and drop or manual editing
  • Budget $19/year paid plan
  • 7 day free trial

When you just need a super simple yet elegant landing page, Carrd delivers the goods affordably.

7. Strikingly

Strikingly offers:

  • Mobile optimized single page sites
  • Intuitive editor with 200+ templates
  • Built-in forms, live chat, and analytics
  • Multilingual sites supported
  • Basic ecommerce capabilities
  • Generous free tier available

For basic sites, Strikingly provides excellent quality and customization at no cost.

8. Gatsby

Developers will love static site generator Gatsby for:

  • Blazing fast performance through React
  • Headless CMS integrations like WordPress and Drupal
  • Mature plugin ecosystem and theme marketplace
  • GraphQL data layer built-in
  • Generous free tier for testing
  • Self-hosted on your own infrastructure

For developers seeking a code-centric Jamstack platform, Gatsby delivers flexibility and optimizations not matched by commercial competitors.

9. Webnode

Another extremely user friendly option, Webnode impresses through:

  • Intuitive drag and drop or manual editing
  • 100s of templates suitable for any vertical
  • Built-in image galleries, forms, and contact pages
  • No coding skills required
  • Free tier available with 1GB hosting

Webnode allows launching great looking sites for free without headaches.

10. Blocs

Creative focused site builder Blocs provides:

  • Visual design-first experience
  • Animation and interaction tools
  • Media galleries, blogs, contact forms
  • Collaborative design features
  • Integrations with WordPress and Google Analytics
  • 14 day free trial

For visually impactful sites, Blocs delivers design-centric tools in a friendly package.

What To Look For in an Alternative Site Builder

When researching platforms, focus on:

  • Intuitive visual design capabilities
  • Quality templates suited to your industry
  • Built-in SEO, speed, and security optimizations
  • Needed marketing features like email marketing and analytics integrations
  • CMS for managing site content
  • Scalable pricing tiers aligned to long-term needs

Prioritizing these elements results in a website that converts visitors into customers and delivers ROI.

Migrating From Google Web Designer

When transitioning off Google Web Designer, first export your existing site files. Most builders offer seamless site import capabilities to minimize any data loss or downtime.

If migrating proves overly complex, consider rebuilding the site using the new platform but replicating the existing information architecture and content – preserving your Google Web Designer investment while gaining updated capabilities.

Achieve Success After Google Web Designer

While its retirement was disappointing, many robust Google Web Designer alternatives now exist capable of creating modern, conversion-focused websites.

Hopefully our deep-dive comparisons help you identify the ideal platform aligned to your needs, budget, and capabilities.

Visual website builders have come a long way in capabilities and ease of use over the past few years. Identify the right fit and you can create a beautiful online presence driving serious business growth.

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