The Ultimate Guide to Using AI to Create Content Outlines

The Ultimate Guide to Using AI to Create Content Outlines: Creating compelling content that ranks at the top of Google and gets shared like crazy on social media is every online entrepreneur’s dream. But coming up with powerful headlines and article structures from scratch each time can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, leveraging AI tools makes crafting viral content outlines easier than ever in 2023!


Content is the lifeblood of any successful online business. But spending hours staring at a blank page struggling to come up with captivating headlines and outlines from scratch burns precious time and creative energy. Thankfully, AI-powered writing assistants and content idea generators now make structuring shareable articles with sky-high click-through rates a breeze.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through exactly how to utilize various AI tools to effortlessly craft SEO-optimized content outlines that hook readers and rank #1 on Google. You’ll uncover the top AI content assistants and headline/outline generators available in 2023. Plus, discover proven guidelines for transforming AI-created outlines into traffic-stopping articles optimized for search engines.

By the end of this guide, you’ll possess the knowledge to utilize AI to consistently create irresistible content outlines that save hours of time and explode online engagement. Let’s get started!

The Power of Compelling Content Outlines

Before we dive into the various AI tools available, it’s important to understand the immense power of well-structured content outlines. Having an outline map before writing any article serves several crucial purposes:

  • Saves massive amounts of time – Rather than racking your brain for what to write from scratch, outlines provide a pre-populated structure to flesh out. This alone can cut content creation time in half.
  • Optimizes online engagement – Outlines with magnetic headlines and subheadings keep readers glued to the page and sharing on social media.
  • Enhances search rankings – Including target keywords in strategic outline components makes content rank higher on Google.
  • Provides writing confidence – Following a solid outline gives you a feeling of control and direction over the content writing process.

In summary, investing time up front to develop strong content outlines pays off exponentially in the form of saved time, better search rankings, and increased traffic and social engagement. That’s where AI tools come in very handy.

Top AI Tools for Creating Engaging Content Outlines

Now let’s explore some of the most powerful AI tools available in 2023 for generating kick-butt article outlines with minimal effort:

Jasper is an AI writing assistant designed specifically for crafting compelling content outlines. Simply enter your focus keyword or topic, and Jasper utilizes AI to create an entire content framework complete with meta title, meta description, H2 subheadings, and bullet point suggestions under each subheading.

Jasper also generates an SEO-optimized introduction paragraph framing the article. The outline structure provided makes writing the actual content 10x easier. Pricing starts at $7/month for individuals. takes content outline creation to the next level by leveraging a powerful AI writer called “Creative Writer” along with its proprietary SEO Cloud. After entering your topic or keyword, it returns tailored outlines with engaging headlines, meta descriptions, intros, H2 subheadings, and even full paragraph suggestions for each section.

This provides an incredible head start for fleshing out posts that rank. Pricing is subscription-based starting at $36/month. They offer a free trial so you can test it out.


Nichesss focuses specifically on creating compelling blog post ideas including both titles and outlines. It asks you to enter a topic, then generates an endless stream of related headline suggestions along with bullet points to guide the article structure.

The headlines and content ideas are surprisingly relevant, with a slick Tinder-like interface for saving ideas you like and discarding ones you don’t. Access starts free for 3 headlines daily.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot offers a free blog topic generator tool that delivers headline suggestions once you enter a core keyword. To get outlines, enter the generated headline into a tool like or Jasper to create a full content framework. This option nicely combines both AI-powered headline and outline creation. isn’t an AI tool per se, but provides an incredible resource for enhancing AI-generated outlines. It offers a massive database of taglines, headlines, bullet points, stats, and other outline elements you can mix and match to enhance your AI-created frameworks. They offer a free version with limited access.

Social Animal

Social Animal focuses specifically on whipping up eye-grabbing headlines and subject lines. Enter a topic and it churns out dozens of tantalizing titles to choose from. Since compelling headlines are core to outlines, it’s a helpful tool to bookmark.

Oblique Strategies

Originally created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1975, Oblique Strategies is a card-based method for stimulating lateral creative thinking. This free AI version generates random thought-provoking prompts to help unblock writer’s block when fleshing out outlines.

Best Practices for Turning AI Outlines into Grade-A Content

While AI tools make generating content outlines fast and straightforward, crafting high-quality fully written articles from those outlines still requires skill and know-how. Here are some top tips for expanding AI outlines into traffic-stopping blog posts and articles:

  • Flesh out paragraphs – Use the headings and bullet points as jumping off points for paragraphs with 3-5 sentences each. Expand on the ideas but add more details, examples, etc.
  • Embed internal links – Link to other related posts on your blog to keep readers engaged.
  • Include multimedia – Insert relevant stats from reliable sources, images, videos, gifs and more to spice up the content.
  • Add high-quality graphics – Well-designed header images, photos and graphics make content more visually appealing.
  • Write snappy introductions – The intro paragraph needs to pull readers in instantly. Spend time making it shine.
  • Watch your transitions – Make sure each paragraph and section flows logically into the next.
  • Cite external resources – Link out to high-authority sites to improve trust and credibility.
  • Inject personality – While staying professional, use conversational tone and humour when appropriate.
  • Check formatting – Use bullet points, bold text, subtitles, and block quotes strategically.
  • Revise and refine – Let the article marinate then come back and rewrite weak sections.

Following these best practices will ensure your AI content outlines transform into posts readers can’t stop sharing and Google can’t stop ranking!

Key Takeaways for Utilizing AI to Create Winning Content Outlines

Let’s recap the key lessons from this guide on leveraging AI tools for content outline generation:

  • Investing time up front in content outlines results in tremendous time savings, higher conversion rates, and better search rankings when writing the full post.
  • AI writing assistants like Jasper, and Nichesss make structuring powerful, SEO-friendly outlines effortless.
  • Creative aids like Oblique Strategies and provide support for enhancing AI-generated outlines.
  • Expanding outlines into grade-A content requires adding compelling details, graphics, links, multimedia and more around the framework.
  • Following best practices for transitions, citations, formatting and revision results in viral blog posts.

The days of slaving away on content from scratch are over. By harnessing the power of AI tools, entrepreneurs and online businesses can consistently create compelling content outlines with ease. Saving hours of work and unlocking limitless engaging articles on every topic imaginable.

Now it’s your turn. Go leverage these transformative technologies to craft outlines that hook and rank! The world awaits your magnetic content.

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