How to Create a Cryptocurrency Site in WordPress? 5 Steps

How to Create a Cryptocurrency Site in WordPress? Cryptocurrency’s rising popularity means now is the perfect time to launch a website covering this hot topic. With the right approach, you can have a stylish, functionally crypto site up fast using WordPress.

Follow this straightforward 5-step plan to get your WordPress crypto site live in under an hour, without needing to know any code.

Step 1: Determine Your Website Goals and Audience

Before diving into the technical setup, get clear on:

  • What is the purpose and focus of your crypto website?
  • What content will you share to attract and engage your target audience?
  • Who exactly is your ideal crypto website visitor?

Common crypto site goals include:

  • Educating about cryptocurrency
  • Driving affiliate promotions or product sales
  • Publishing crypto news and analysis
  • Building a crypto service business or brand
  • Generating ad revenue from crypto content
  • Promoting your blockchain products or services

With your site goals defined, create user personas and tailor your content accordingly.

Step 2: Select Your Domain Name

Your domain name makes the first impression. A few tips for choosing a crypto domain:

  • Keep it short, memorable, and easy to spell
  • Use keywords related to crypto or your niche like “bitcoin” or “blockchain”
  • Get a .com if available or use alternatives like .net
  • Avoid hyphens or odd spellings that could create confusion
  • Check name availability across web and social profiles
  • Confirm it’s brandable and can grow beyond crypto if you expand focus

The right domain quickly tells visitors what your site is about while supporting future growth.

Step 3: Find the Best Crypto-Focused WordPress Theme

With domain in hand, it’s time to pick a theme. Your theme controls site design and functionality so choose one tailored to crypto websites.

Here are top WordPress crypto themes to consider:

  • Cryptic by Themes4WP – Designed for crypto portfolios and price tracking
  • Cryptonite by Cryptex – Bitcoin and blockchain news site layout
  • Coinspace – For launching ICOs and blockchain startups
  • Cryptocurrency by HashThemes – Blog-style crypto theme
  • Crypto Mining Blog Theme – Great for mining-related websites

Look for mobile-friendly crypto themes with features like:

  • Crypto price tickers and value tracking
  • ICO listing functionality
  • Community forums or discussion options
  • Contact forms, mailing lists, and lead capture
  • Widgets for latest news, price alerts, etc.

The ideal theme provides the backbone of your content and user experience.

Step 4: Sign Up for Web Hosting

To launch your crypto site, you need web hosting. This provides:

  • Server space to store your site files
  • Fast loading speeds for site visitors
  • Ability to install WordPress with one-click
  • SSL certificate for security

Top WordPress hosting providers include:

  • Bluehost – Popular starter hosting, WP optimized
  • SiteGround – Fast speeds, great support
  • WPEngine – Managed hosting scaled for growth
  • Liquid Web – VPS hosting with high performance

Look for unlimited bandwidth, storage, 24/7 support, and simple domain setup.

Step 5: Install WordPress and Optimize Setup

Once you have hosting, it’s time for the fun part – setting up WordPress!

To install WordPress:

  • Login to cPanel hosting account
  • Use auto-installer like Mojo Marketplace or Softaculous
  • Enter site title, admin credentials, email
  • Click install – WordPress is live!

Initial optimization steps:

  • Install must-have plugins like Yoast SEO, security, speed
  • Set up Google Analytics to track visitors
  • Turn on SSL for site security
  • Create primary site pages and menu
  • Configure social media sharing buttons
  • Set up SMTP email connectivity

With the basics covered, your crypto site is ready for content and traffic!

Develop Content That Attracts Crypto Fans

Now for the fun part – filling your WordPress site with engaging crypto content. Useful types of content include:

Crypto News and Analysis

  • Trending news stories
  • New coin and blockchain launches
  • Investor perspectives
  • Crypto regulation analysis
  • Development ecosystem updates

Cryptocurrency Guides

  • “What is [Coin]?” posts
  • “How to Buy [Coin]” tutorials
  • Wallet guides
  • Mining guides
  • Tax and legal resources

Crypto Portfolio Tracking

  • Coin market cap databases
  • Customizable price tracking
  • Price charts and alerts

Cryptocurrency Reviews

  • ICO reviews
  • Wallet provider reviews
  • Exchange reviews
  • Mining equipment overviews

Industry Perspectives

  • Expert interviews
  • Guest articles by crypto influencers
  • Conference and event coverage

Crypto Deals and Promotions

  • Exclusive coupon codes
  • Affiliate promotions for crypto services
  • Giveaways and sweepstakes

Mix evergreen resources with timely news coverage to engage crypto enthusiasts.

Promote Your Crypto Site to Drive Web Traffic

You have an awesome crypto site full of helpful content…but now you need visitors! Use these proven tactics to get web traffic:

  • SEO optimize pages with target keywords to rank in search
  • Leverage social media by sharing content in crypto Facebook Groups, subreddits, forums, and chats
  • Run paid ads like Facebook Ads and Google Ads targeted to crypto interests
  • Guest post on reputable crypto blogs to gain backlinks
  • Connect with influencers in the space to share your content
  • Publish on forums and communities like BitcoinTalk, CryptoDiscuss, and r/cryptocurrency
  • Email subscribers who opt-in to drive repeat visits
  • Write reviews of wallets, exchanges, and services to attract their existing users
  • Monitor analytics to double down on top-converting traffic sources

Dedicate time daily to promoting your content across every channel possible. Traffic and subscribers will steadily grow.

Monetize Your WordPress Crypto Site

Once you build an audience, it’s time to monetize!

Popular ways crypto websites make money include:

  • Google AdSense – Display paid ads on site pages
  • Affiliate marketing – Promote crypto products/services and get commissions
  • Sponsored posts – Get paid by brands to feature their content
  • Premium memberships – Offer exclusive content and tools to paid members
  • Consulting services – Provide tailored coaching and advisory services
  • Selling merchandise – Create swag store with crypto apparel and items
  • Crypto donations – Let supporters donate Bitcoin or Ether
  • Paid advertising – Sell banners and custom branded content

Try different options and see which monetization models perform best.


Creating a crypto-focused website with WordPress is easy and fun! Follow this blueprint to get your fully functioning crypto website up in no time:

  • Define your site goals and target audience
  • Pick the perfect crypto-relevant domain
  • Select a tailored WordPress theme
  • Get fast, secure web hosting
  • Install WordPress with optimized settings
  • Develop high-quality informational content
  • Promote your site across every channel imaginable
  • Implement money-making monetization strategies

In less than an hour, you can launch a beautiful WordPress cryptocurrency website using this proven game plan. Then continue refining your content, marketing, and monetization over time.

Ready to become a crypto content master? What unique value will your WordPress website provide to cryptocurrency fans and newcomers? With the right foundation, you can establish yourself as a leading crypto education resource. Let’s do this!

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