Is Hostinger Good For WordPress In 2024? PROS & CONS

Is Hostinger Good For WordPress? Hostinger is known for being both reliable and cost-effective within the realm of web hosting; however, when it comes to choosing an option best suited for creating your website. Through careful examination of several features provided by Hostigner’s wordpress hosting options we aim to learn more on whether it’s indeed suitable or not.

Founded in 2004 in Lithuania-Hostigner company sustained its growth while attracting loyal customers with budget-friendly pricing and friendly service; but is this representative in regards to effectively utilizing wordpress designed websites? We’ll find out soon enough.

Pros of Using Hostinger for WordPress

+ Affordability

Small enterprises and startups often struggle with budget constraints. Hostinger comes as a respite with its cost-effective hosting plans devoid of concealed charges. The openness of the pricing structure makes it an attractive option for those seeking transparency in their web hosting experience.

+ One-Click Install

One of Hostinger’s standout features is their one-click WordPress installation service, ideal for novices. This feature’s importance lies in avoiding manual installations that can be too cumbersome, making setting up your WordPress site as simple as ABC.

+ Ease of Use

Hostinger’s usage of LiteSpeed ensures speedy loading times for your WordPress website. This factor is integral considering that poor loading times can dissuade potential visitors and detrimentally impact your SEO standings.

+ Uptime

Commitment at Hostinger extends to ensuring a formidable 99.9% uptime guarantee for your website. This pledge is meant to provide respite for site owners who value consistent accessibility for their visitors while also striving to eliminate any lost opportunities due to downtimes.

+ Security

Choosing an ideal hosting service calls for considering several crucial factors with internet security being among them. Rest assured that with Hostinger as your preferred web host company- safety comes first! Besides furnishing their users with no-cost SSL certificates; they also provide scheduled backups based on the package selected while equally prioritizing leading countermeasures towards combating DDoS attack risks that may occur.

+ Customer Support

One of the notable strong suits of Hostinger is its customer support service. The platform boasts a 24/7 live chat system, which hosts a team of efficient and responsive representatives. If you’re unfamiliar with the dynamics of WordPress troubleshooting, this support feature becomes particularly invaluable.

Cons of Using Hostinger for WordPress

– Lack of Phone Support

Even though Hostinger offers support through 24/7 live chat it unfortunately does not have phone support. This could pose a problem for individuals who prefer resolving their concerns by means of an immediate phone call.

– Limitations on Cheapest Plan

It’s noteworthy that Hostinger has an affordable hosting choice which accommodates just one website. However, if you intend on hosting numerous WordPress sites concurrently, then this may not suffice and upgrading to a more expensive plan would be favorable.

– Premium Features at Additional Cost

Access to certain features, such as daily backups and SSL certificates at no cost, is restricted solely to more advanced subscription plans. Should one require utilization of such amenities, the overall expense may experience an upsurge.

Despite these cons, many find that the pros of Hostinger outweigh the cons, especially considering the competitive pricing and robust performance.


Overall, there’s no denying that Hostinger delivers quality WordPress hosting services to clients who value stability and convenience above everything else. Thanks to its remarkable affordability and intuitive user interface alongside proven reliability in performance and top-notch customer support options; these factors undoubtedly make it an excellent choice for many potential users out there. Nonetheless – given variations between individual needs – it’s crucial users conduct thorough assessments of their unique requirements before settling on any web host they’ll work reside on down the line eventually.

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