Prerequisite’s Guide to Getting Blog Approved for AdSense

Are you looking to monetize your blog with Google AdSense? Want to ensure you get approved and start earning money from ads?

Then this comprehensive guide is for you!

Today I’ll be sharing everything you need to know before applying for AdSense in 2023 so you can increase your chances of success.

Let’s dive in!

Why AdSense? The Pros and Cons

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways for bloggers to monetize their content through display ads. There are a few key advantages:

Easy implementation – Once approved, adding the code snippet to show ads is simple. No need to find and negotiate deals with advertisers.

Massive ad network – AdSense grants access to millions of Google Ads advertisers looking for inventory. Increased potential earnings.

Hands-off revenue – Google handles all the ad serving technology, optimization, tracking, payments etc. Fully passive income.

However, there are some downsides to consider as well:

Strict approval criteria – Google has high standards for accepting publishers. Many bloggers get rejected.

Payments fluctuate – Earnings depend on visitor traffic, engagement, seasonality, ad rates, and more. Inconsistent month-to-month.

Limited control – Google determines what ads show where. No ability to screen specific brands or offers.

Short payment period – You must reach a $100 balance to get paid. Some months you may not hit the threshold.

So weigh the pros and cons before applying. While AdSense can be lucrative, it isn’t guaranteed money. You may need to supplement it with other monetization strategies.

AdSense Approval Requirements in 2023

Google has specific guidelines sites must meet before getting accepted into the AdSense program.

While the exact approval criteria are secret, we can make educated guesses based on Google’s public policies, advice, and common reasons publishers get rejected.

Here are the most important requirements to meet:

Useful, Original Content

Google wants sites with valuable info that engages visitors. Avoid thin content just to rank in search engines. Provide “expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness” per Google’s guidelines.

Significant Traffic Volume

AdSense performs best on sites with lots of visitors and ad impressions. While Google doesn’t publish traffic minimums, more is better. Shoot for at least 10k+ visits per month.

High-Quality Design and Presentation

Ensure your blog loads fast, is mobile responsive, uses appealing visuals, and follows UX best practices. A professional look and user experience boosts approval chances.

Compliance with Google Publisher Policies

Review Google’s extensive publisher policies thoroughly. They prohibit things like copyright infringement, adult content, dishonest behavior, link schemes, violations of their AdSense program policies, and more. Stay 100% compliant.

Positive User Experience

Google wants AdSense to provide value to site visitors. Make sure ads are supplemental to your main content, don’t disrupt the user journey, and are thoughtfully placed. Avoid anything deceptive or intrusive.

Secure HTTPS Website

Since Chrome now marks HTTP sites without SSL certificates as “not secure”, hosting on HTTPS is mandatory. Get an SSL certificate and enable it sitewide.

Unique, Original Content

All your blog content must be 100% unique. Never copy others’ work or outsource content creation. Google’s duplicate content penalties could ban your site. Write high-quality posts yourself.

Credible Contact Information

Have clear contact info in your site footer with an actual business address, email, and phone number. This validates you as a legitimate publisher.

Good Site Reputation

Positive mentions from established sites, expert authors, and influencers help validate your blog’s trust and authority. Keep building your brand’s credibility.

If your blog meets these criteria, you should be well-positioned for AdSense approval! Now let’s talk optimization tips…

How to Optimize Your Blog for AdSense Approval

Here are smart ways to fine-tune your site for maximum approval potential:

Increase Traffic Through SEO and Promotion

More traffic = more ad impressions and revenue. Boost monthly visits through on-page SEO, backlinks, guest posting, social media, and more. 10k+ visits per month is a solid goal.

Improve Site Speed and Page Load Times

Faster sites have higher reader engagement and satisfaction. Use caching plugins, image optimization, minimal code, CDNs and other speed optimizations.

Enhance Site Design and Navigation

An intuitive, user-friendly interface improves time on site. Optimize menus, calls-to-action, page layouts, visuals and flows for seamless navigation.

Craft Compelling Headlines

Headers and titles are key for clickthroughs. Study copywriting principles to create irresistible headlines optimized for search and social traffic.

Linking related posts together improves site structure. Guide readers to more of your content through contextual text links.

Ask for Email Subscriptions

Building an email list gives repeat traffic. Use popups and signup forms to convert readers into subscribers who revisit.

Create Detailed, Useful Content

In-depth, well-researched articles satisfy and retain readers longer. Shoot for at least 1,000 words. Include multimedia to add value.

Follow Google’s Ad Placement Policies

Carefully place ads in acceptable locations per Google’s guidelines – never in headers, footers, sidebars only. Blend ads naturally into content.

Add More Pages to Your Site

The more quality content you have, the more potential ad placements. Aim for at least 50+ pages. Google likes established sites.

Optimizing these elements helps show Google your commitment to creating an excellent reader experience worthy of AdSense.

How to Apply for AdSense (And Get Approved!)

Once you’ve verified your blog meets the requirements and published ample content, you’re ready to apply. Here are the steps:

Sign Up for a Google AdSense Account

Head to and click “Sign Up Now.” Follow the prompts to create your account.

Complete Your Profile

Provide info about you, your blog, contact details, payment information, and tax documentation. Fill out every section fully and accurately.

Request Website Review

In your account, click “Add Site” then “Review Site for Ads” to submit your blog URL for approval review. Double check you entered it correctly.

Pass Screening Process

Google’s bots will crawl your site assessing its content quality, design, traffic, optimization and compliance with all their policies. This may take a few days.

Get Approved!

Once Google finishes evaluations and deems your blog meets their publisher criteria, you’ll receive an email that you’ve been approved. Congrats!

Insert Ad Code

Follow the steps provided to insert the AdSense publication code on your approved pages to start serving ads. Enable auto-ads for hands-off optimization.

And that’s it – you can now start monetizing your blog content with Google AdSense!

What to Do If You Get Rejected

Unfortunately, many bloggers get denied from AdSense on their first attempt – don’t panic!

Here are constructive steps to take if you get rejected:

  • Identify the reason cited for rejection, then fix it. Google will tell you if something like your content quality or site speed is lacking.
  • If no reason given, thoroughly audit your blog against the approval criteria above to pinpoint weak spots.
  • Improve your site based on the audit findings. Boost traffic, optimize pages, create more content, etc. Fix any red flags.
  • Wait at least 30 days then reapply for AdSense, after you’ve improved your site’s weak points.
  • Diversify your monetization so you aren’t dependent on AdSense. Add affiliate programs, sponsored posts, paid memberships, donations etc while you optimize your blog for reapproval.

With persistence and focus on creating an exceptional blog that provides value to readers, you can overcome initial rejection and get accepted on your next application.

AdSense Alternatives If You Still Don’t Get Approved

If after multiple attempts you still can’t get your blog approved for AdSense, all is not lost. Consider these alternatives:

  • Mediavine – Similar ad management service with slightly lower traffic requirements and higher RPMs.
  • Ezoic – Uses AI to optimize ad placement and earnings. Lower traffic minimums.
  • BuySellAds – Marketplace to connect directly with advertisers seeking inventory.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Earn commissions promoting helpful products to your audience.
  • Sponsored Posts – Get paid by brands to create branded content.
  • Paid Memberships – Charge subscriptions for exclusive content and perks.
  • Donations – Allow readers to support your work through voluntary payments.

With a diversified income strategy, you can grow a profitable blog business without relying on AdSense monetization alone.

The AdSensification Checklist: Am I Ready?

To summarize, here is a checklist of key items to evaluate before applying for AdSense:

❏ 10,000+ monthly site visitors

❏ Valuable, expert content

❏ Mostly unique, original writing

❏ Traffic from SEO, social media, email subscribers

❏ Useful resources for readers (e.g. tools, quizzes)

❏ Site hosted on secure HTTPS

❏ Fast load times under 3 seconds

❏ Mobile responsive design

❏ Easy-to-navigate site structure

❏ Contact page with real address & phone number

❏ Compliant with all Google publisher policies

❏ Positive reputation and brand perception

❏ Email list with engaged subscribers

❏ Clean layout with strategic ad placement

If you can confidently check all boxes, go ahead and apply to AdSense! If not, keep optimizing the areas you’re lacking until you’re ready.

Start Monetizing Your Content with AdSense

Hopefully this complete guide gives you clarity on how to meet Google’s requirements and get your blog approved for their Publisher program.

While winning acceptance is challenging, the financial payoff of tapping into AdSense’s massive advertiser base is well worth the effort.

By providing consistent value to your audience through helpful content while strategically showcasing relevant ads, you can build a sustainable income stream.

Just stay focused, keep growing your traffic and authority, and stick to the criteria above. You’ll be ready to join AdSense before you know it!

What questions do you still have about getting approved? What top tips would you add? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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