3 Simple Steps to Create a Forum Website on WordPress

Simple Steps to Create a Forum Website on WordPress: Forums are an incredibly engaging online community platform. By creating your own forum website, you can attract a loyal audience, generate traffic, and establish yourself as an authority.

But where do you even start if you want to build a forum site from scratch on WordPress? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to create a fully-featured forum on WordPress step-by-step even with zero prior experience. Let’s launch your thriving community!

Step 1 – Install WordPress and Choose a Domain

The first steps in creating a WordPress forum are:

Install WordPress

Setting up a fresh WordPress installation optimized for forums is key. You have a few good options:

  • Local WordPress install on your own hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting like WPEngine
  • Specialized forum hosts like NodeBB or Flarum

Self-managed WordPress is powerful but requires technical skill. Managed WordPress hosting or forum-specific hosts are great alternatives requiring less expertise.

Pick a Domain

Choose a domain name for your forum site. Things to consider:

  • Domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, etc.
  • Keyword-rich (if SEO is a goal)
  • Brandable, unique, and easy to remember
  • Avoid trademarked or restricted names

Ideally pick a name aligned to your forum’s focus like gardeningforum.com or cookingdiscussions.com.

With WordPress installed and a domain registered, you’re ready to start setting up your community!

Step 2 – Configure Forums with bbPress

To actually create forums on WordPress, you need a forum plugin. The top choice is bbPress:

Why bbPress?

  • Created by WordPress developers
  • Lightweight, fast, and customizable
  • Extremely robust and full-featured
  • Huge community support
  • Completely free

For forum newbies and experts alike, bbPress is the go-to solution.

Configuring bbPress

Once installed and activated in WordPress, you can dive into configuring bbPress:

  • Set up forum categories like Off Topic, Announcements, Help, etc. These contain your forums.
  • Create individual forum topics within the categories like Gardening Tips, Cooking Questions, Sports Talk.
  • Configure your settings like permissions, private forums, ranks, email notifications, etc.
  • Customize the frontend visual design with styles and templates.

Take time to carefully structure your forum categories, topics, and settings. This forms the backbone of your community.

Step 3 – Grow and Manage Your Forums

With your forums set up, it’s time to attract members and cultivate your community:

Promote your forums

  • Share your new forum on social media and relevant online groups.
  • Reach out to influencers/brands to help get the word out.
  • Create forum promotion content like “Our new gardening forums are live!”
  • Run giveaways requiring forum signups to grow members fast.

Engage members

  • Personally welcome new members and start discussions.
  • Share interesting articles and videos related to forum topics.
  • Reward valuable contributors by making them moderators.
  • Send email newsletters to keep members engaged.

Moderate effectively

  • Actively moderate to prevent spam and negativity from taking root.
  • Ban or suspend troublesome members breaking rules.
  • Delete spam threads and posts promptly to maintain quality.
  • Enforce rules of conduct evenly and set a positive tone.

Nurturing your fledgling community helps transform it into a valuable platform that keeps members coming back.


Creating an amazing forum site on WordPress is totally doable even starting from zero. Follow this 3 step formula:

  1. Install WordPress and choose a domain name.
  2. Configure forums using the robust bbPress plugin.
  3. Grow your community by promoting your forums, engaging members, and moderating effectively.

Stick to these fundamentals, and you’ll have a thriving hub where members love to connect.

So don’t wait! Start building your dynamic dream forum on WordPress today using these proven tips and strategies. Your future members are waiting!

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