7 Cutting-Edge Tactics to Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic

Getting more organic traffic often feels like trying to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You can search forever and end up chasing empty dreams…or get incredibly lucky.

But what if generating more organic traffic was systematic? What if you could tap into cutting-edge tactics to unlock a torrential downpour of targeted visitors?

In this post, we’ll map out a plan to make that vision a reality. You’ll discover seven advanced digital marketing strategies primed to explode your organic reach and revenue.

Let’s get ready to kick open the floodgates!

Tactic #1 – Win Google’s Trust with Expert E-A-T

Google’s core ranking mission is providing the most expert, authoritative, and trustworthy results for each search.

Optimizing your site for E-A-T gives Google confidence you offer value to searchers. And you’ll be rewarded with higher rankings and organic traffic flow.

Here are four keys to improving E-A-T:

Establish Expertise and Authority

Getting published or interviewed by recognized media sources like major newspapers, magazines, and industry influencers helps build authority.

Create content with confident, specialized depth. Avoid hedging language and always link out to credible sources.

Highlight Real Author Credibility

Provide author bios that convey relevant backgrounds and qualifications. This boosts reader trust and perception of expertise.

Be a Thought Leader

Actively participate in your industry by posting thoughts and data-based insights. Comment on related news and trends. Be a helpful informational resource.

Optimize Site Design

An outdated website screams “amateur”. Ensure your site design looks modern, polished and professionally created. Details like these matter.

By nailing E-A-T, you signal to Google that your content deserves a spot at the top. Now it’s time to spread that content far and wide…

Tactic #2 – Tap into Audience Networks

Your website alone only reaches a tiny fraction of your potential target audience. That’s why utilizing audience networks is crucial for growth.

Publisher networks like Taboola and Outbrain promote your content across thousands of sites with built-in audiences. It’s like buying prime digital billboard space.

Here are two smart ways to tap into them:

Content Recommendation Ads

Native ads connect your content to interested readers across the network – tablet, desktop, and mobile. Targeting options allow precision.

Content Amplification

Take high-performing pieces from your site and amplify them through the network. Add retargeting pixels to serve those articles to engaged readers.

Promoting content to qualified external audiences will generate massive referral traffic. Make audience networks a core pillar of your digital marketing strategy.

Tactic #3 – Leverage the Power of Pinterest

Have you tapped into Pinterest’s organic traffic potential lately? Many overlook just how powerful it can be.

Pinterest users have a highly commercial intent. The platform drives 3x more website visits and increased average order value compared to other social channels.

Now is the time to ramp up your presence by:

  • Optimizing pin descriptions with target keywords
  • Curating content into engaging pinboards
  • Cross-promoting pins on your other social channels
  • Analyzing analytics to double down on what performs
  • Running targeted Pinterest ads to amplify reach

The platform’s visual content truly shines for lifestyle brands. But even B2B and informational sites can find growth opportunities in Pinterest.

Tactic #4 – Turn Visitors into Subscribers

Email marketing remains one of the highest ROI digital tactics. But it only works if you can grow your list.

So you need compelling offers, pop-ups, and opt-ins across your site to capture visitor information.

Here are email list-building tactics that convert:

  • Lead magnet gated content like webinars, coupons and resources
  • Calls-to-action on high-value pages
  • Exit intent pop-up offers when someone is leaving
  • Footer submission forms on all pages
  • Social media CTAs to join your list

Focus on growing your subscriber list, then nurture those leads into customers. Email drives up to 40X higher conversion compared to social media.

Tactic #5 – Double Down on Long-Form Content

Google currently favors long-form, pillar content: ultimate guides, detailed reports, how-to manuals, etc.

Why? Because comprehensive content shows readers your site provides extensive value on a topic.

Length and depth signal expertise and authority – key E-A-T optimization points.

Find related keywords with high rankings but poor long-form content. Produce 10x more thorough articles targeted to inform and help readers.

Promote them heavily – this long-form content will become the cornerstone of your organic traffic.

Tactic #6 – Unlock Video Marketing

Video is the future of content. Just look at these statistics:

  • 90% of customers say videos help inform purchase decisions
  • 65% of people are visual learners
  • Webpages with videos generate 1200% higher results

It’s time to expand beyond text content. Video allows you to engage audiences on a deeper, more emotional level.

Work video content across the buyer’s journey:

  • Education and awareness stage = explainer videos
  • Consideration stage = product demos
  • Decision stage = customer testimonials
  • Retention stage = tutorials and how-tos

Leaning into video provides content differentiation and drives massive SEO value.

Tactic #7 – Double Down on What Works

Are you tracking your key digital marketing metrics?

Make sure you know:

  • Which content brings the most organic traffic
  • Highest converting landing pages
  • Top referral sites driving visits
  • Email campaigns with best open rates

Double down on what performs. Cut what doesn’t. Simple but so critical.

Rinse and repeat this process to keep increasing results.

Open the Floodgates in 2023

Pouring more organic traffic to your website boils down to:

  • Building E-A-T to earn Google’s trust
  • Tapping into audience networks
  • Optimizing for visual platforms like Pinterest
  • Growing your email list
  • Creating magnetic long-form content
  • Adopting engaging video formats
  • Doubling down on what works

Check each box and get ready to see your organic traffic and revenue floods in.

No more searching endlessly for a pot of gold. The levee is about to break open.

What organic growth tactics are you finding most effective lately? Share your top tips in the comments below!

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